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Frisco Music Center

Yamaha THR5A Acoustic 10-watt Guitar Amplifier

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Manufacturer #:THR5A

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Yamaha THR5A Acoustic 10-watt guitar amplifier

ACOUSTIC 10-watt (5W+5W), stereo amplifier/recording interface with 5 mic types, chromatic tuner, ships with Cubase AI for recording


Input types - Condenser*, Dynamic*, Tube*, Nylon*, EG CLN (*Mic simulation) Compressor, Compressor/Chorus, Chorus, Flanger*, Phaser*, Tremolo*, Delay, Delay/Reverb, Hall Reverb, Spring Reverb*, *Noise Gate (*only available in the THR Editor)
Mic Type, Blend/Gain, Master, Tone, Effect, DLY/Rev, Volume, Tap/Tuner Switch
2 x 8cm full-range speakers
Extended Stereo technology
Cubase AI
THR Editor
USB connection
Virtual Tube Illumination
AC power (PSU supplied) or battery power

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