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Frisco Music Center

Dream Contact 22" Ride Cymbal

Manufacturer #:C-RI22

To order call: 469-287-5774

The Dream Contact Series 22" Ride Cymbal has the response the Contact series is known for as well as ride qualities not found in the combo cymbals. Known for a brighter stick presence and livelier response - like the Bliss series - Contact series cymbals are also completely handmade, hand hammered and shaped.

Composed of B23 alloy, this cymbal features a slightly deeper profile and disproportionately larger bell to promote crash power and sustain. The stick feel is very lively - the pitch higher, but still rich and warm.

Faster speaking and higher energy, Contact series cymbals also possess depth and complexity in the undertone and a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward. Like all of the cymbals in this line, the Contact 22" Ride Cymbal exhibits a trademark ease of speaking plus a crystalline ping that opens up for short crash punctuations strong enough to turn heads.

  • Light & Lively
  • Medium Taper
  • Large, Articulate Bell
  • Standard Lathing
  • Clear Stick Definition

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