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Frisco Music Center

Kremona KAHT Arete High Tension Classical Guitar Set

Kremona Arete Premium Nylon Guitar Strings come stock on all Kremona Artist, Performer, Flamenco and fullsize Soloist Series guitars. The Greek word “Arete” (pronounced “are eh tee”) means both “excellence” and “crest of the mountain.” While the name reflects Kremona’s Balkan heritage, the strings are precision wound in Spain, reflecting Kremona’s commitment to the heritage of the nylon-string guitar.

Kremona Arete High Tension Set

 1st E (.75 mm), 2nd B (.85 mm), 3rd G (1.05 mm), 4th D (.82 mm), 5th A (.92 mm), 6th E (1.11 mm)

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